Basher Examples

The Basher Examples modules is a fully working Maven 2 project using Basher.

Currently, examples of the following features are available:

  • BeanShell initialization & command import
  • Gaderian/HiveMind/Spring tasks
  • Annotated tasks
  • Plain tasks
  • Task Provider
  • YourKit Integration (see note below)

To use, check-out the source using these instructions.

Once checked-out, simply execute mvn clean test.

The examples runs the HelloWorld for about 10 seconds, marking an average every 4 seconds.

The resulting XML reports can be found in target/basher-reports.

YourKit Integration

To run the examples with the YourKit Profiler, please follow the steps outlined below:

  • Ensure your LD_LIBRARY_PATH is pointing to the correct lib folder of YourKit.
  • Run mvn clean test -Pwith-yourkit-profiler
  • The resulting snapshot will be available in target/basher-reports

For more information, please refer to the Basher YourKit documentation.